HomeGauge Extra Care Service FAQ

Why are HomeGauge Services included at no cost?

  • By allowing our trusted partner, American Family Insurance, to present a quote to your buyer, you're providing value to your customer. When we can create products that buyers and real estate agents love, we know we have also created additional value for you. (Remember, you or your buyer can opt out at any time.)

What do real estate agents think about Extra Care?

  • They love it! It saves them time by not having to look up home details on behalf of their client. The only exception we've seen is with agents who also sell insurance, although that is very rare. If you encounter a situation like that, just let us know. We can simply opt those special cases out of the program with no problem.

Can I or my buyers opt-out?

  • You can opt out whenever you want. If you have individual customers who you know won't be interested, you'll also the have the ability to opt out them out. If you have opted in and later decide Extra Care is not for you, just email us to let us know. Soon, you'll be able to opt out online by just clicking a button.

My company has multiple inspectors. Does this program apply to them as well?

  • Yes, it does! When the owner opts the company in, the entire company will receive HomeGauge Services at no cost.

Does this constitute a "referral"?

  • No, it's not a referral. The Extra Care Program simply allows your buyer an opportunity to get an insurance quote after the home inspection. We have specifically designed this program to be acceptable in all states because the buyer decides if they want the insurance connection or not. They can opt out of the experience at any time.

I'm ready to opt in, what are the next steps for me?

  • Sign our user agreement.
  • If you're already a monthly HomeGauge subscriber, you'll enjoy free HomeGauge Services starting with your next billing statement. If you're a new HomeGauge user, you'll enjoy the immediate savings on our superlative software.
  • Check your email for the Extra Care opt-in confirmation. The email will also include PDFs of Extra Care brochures you can print and give to home buyers.

How does a buyer opt in?

  • When you send a link to your buyer to get their inspection report, they will arrive at their dashboard. Along with the report, the buyer will see two check boxes: one to acknowledge the terms and the second asking if they'd like to get an insurance quote from American Family Insurance.

What happens after a buyer opts in?

  • Our HomeGauge Extra Care team calls every buyer who opts in to confirm that we may send their information to a third party. If they opted in by mistake or no longer desire a quote, we stop the process. If we cannot reach the buyer, we will make no more than two attempts to reach them via phone, and will email and text them once. This will be spaced out over a period of up to 10 business days. If they don't respond within that timeframe, we consider them not opted in.
  • Once we've confirmed that the buyer wants a quote, only a licensed American Family Insurance agent or trusted insurance affiliate will see their information — they have a strict agreement with HomeGauge never to use the information for any other purpose. No data is ever sold.
  • Based on the inspection address, we'll assign an American Family Insurance agent or a trusted insurance affiliate who knows the area in which the inspection occurred.
  • Our agents are specially trained by HomeGauge staff to talk to your buyers and have signed a strict service agreement with HomeGauge about best practices.

What if a buyer doesn't opt in?

  • They will not be contacted.

A few things to keep in mind

  • If you opt in to the program, we will alert the agents near you so you can get to know one another for co-marketing opportunities. We also have marketing materials for you! Be sure to check your Extra Care emails.
  • In order for your buyers to opt in to the program, their report must be viewable in their dashboard. That's also how they can view 360° images and video — so it's always a great idea to upload your reports to the dashboard.
  • Please be sure to include the buyer's phone number in your report. Otherwise, we can't call them and we don't want them to think we ignored their request for a quote.

Ready to get started or have more questions? Please email us at extracare@homegauge.com or call (828) 254-2030 x4.