HomeGauge Extra Care

Working together for the benefit of your Buyers

Buying a home can be time-consuming and stressful, and there are many moving parts to juggle for both the Buyer and the Real Estate Agent. In partnership with our Inspector community, Extra Care simplifies the process for everyone, making our Inspectors the hero.

As a HomeGauge Extra Care Inspector, you stand out from the crowd as an inspector who goes that extra mile for your customers — without any extra work!

Simply upload and distribute your report through the Buyer Dashboard, and we'll take care of the rest.

New HG Inspectors who joined after March 9, 2020 are automatically Extra Care Inspectors, but if you joined before that date, you can opt-in right now. If you'd like to opt-out, please email extracare@homegauge.com.

Extra Care, Extra Happy Buyers

From simplifying the transaction process with a no-obligation home insurance quote from American Family and others, to extra special moving and home-related deals, your exclusive membership in Extra Care opens up a world of possibilities for your Buyers.

Extra Care, Extra Success

It's not just your Buyers and Real Estate Agents that love Extra Care! As a HomeGauge Extra Care Inspector YOU also have access to some great benefits.

Extra Recognition

Stand out from the industry as an inspector that goes above & beyond for their agents and buyers.

Extra Bling

Gain recognition by showing off your commitment to excellent service with an exclusive Extra Care badge for your website and marketing materials.

Extra Promotion

Grow faster with marketing assets from our team to help you promote your business consistently and professionally, without the hard work of designing or writing your own!

Extra Learning

Elevate your skills with private access to training at our TOGETHER conference, and other exclusive learning experiences throughout the year.

Extra Access

Stay ahead of the pack and be the first to try our new software tools and services with early rollouts and beta testing.

Extra Happy

Impress Agents & Buyers alike with the way you keep the transaction rolling with an optional insurance quote and other added affiliate benefits.

Extra Care,
Extra Satisfaction

Offering Extra Care means less work for me, less work for the home buyer, and less stress for the agents.

Dennis Kruger
Southern Wisconsin Home Inspections, LLC

Do you have the Extra Care Badge?

Are you a HomeGauge Extra Care Inspector? The perks of being an Extra Care Member help you get and retain business. Adding the Extra Care badge to your website will let customers and prospects know you provide an added bonus, and will link to a special customer-focused web page where they can learn more about the benefits of working with an Extra Care Inspector.

Extra Care Badge
Your buyer's privacy is our priority

Your Buyer's Privacy is Our Priority

HomeGauge carefully selects the partners it works with, and enforces rules of engagement with each of them, such as only using the Buyer's information for this specific purpose. Most importantly, it is ALWAYS YOUR BUYER'S CHOICE as to whether they hear from any of our partners — if they do not opt-in, no one will contact them, period.

Extra Care, Extra Happy Agents & Buyers

After the inspection, the next step is for your buyers to get homeowners insurance, our most popular benefit of working with an Extra Care Inspector. Many Buyers find it difficult to understand the information requested and will turn to you with questions, taking more of your valuable time. Extra Care helps them bypass that process. Real Estate Agents also love Extra Care because they can offer an additional service to their clients with no work on their part.

We Support Your Buyers Now In Ways They Want


The next step for any home buyer is to establish insurance. Working with partners like American Family Insurance, we provide the easiest way for the buyer to get a quote, which they can accept or simply use for comparison to their favorite provider.


Much of what we do is about peace of mind for the buyer, and the security of their home is the obvious next step. The home security sector has many options now, and many emerging technologies. We are picking partners who offer a great product at a great price.

Be a Proud Extra Care Inspector

With benefits as good as these, make sure to reach out to your local real estate agents and share the news of these great benefits. Extra Care Inspectors have found that their agents love these features and will be more likely to work with them in the future. Be sure to grab your Extra Care badge for your website and emails too!


Please take a moment to read through our FAQ — we hope that most of your questions will be answered. If you have questions that are not covered, please email us at extracare@homegauge.com or call (828) 254-2030, option 4. We'd love to hear your feedback! If you'd like to opt-out, please email extracare@homegauge.com.