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Here are a few features that set us apart from the competition:

  1. Print/Format: At any time in the report writing process you can generate the report using one of many different formats and styles. You can choose a Grid, Checklist, or Narrative format with several different variations and color choices, add icons at sections, and more. You can choose a special cover page or create your own. You can include just the sections of the report you want, and remove anything you don't need.
  2. Customizable reporting your way! With HomeGauge you can make templates yourself or edit an existing one to create/modify the report to fit your style. Easily add new sections, items, rename, etc.
  3. Pictures, Thermal Imaging and Line Drawings: HomeGauge automatically compresses pictures for the web. Add arrows, circles, text, grids, etc. to pictures easily. By far the quickest and easiest in picture editing and multiple picture features.
  4. Use Video in your report! Easily add video clips at any item in the report! Watch our video tour to see how to make your report standout as an Inspection Presentation!
  5. NEW! 360° images make it an immersive experience! Set yourself apart by offering homebuyers and agents a tour that no other provider can deliver. One quick snapshot lets your clients explore 360° panoramic views right within the report. It’s the next best thing to being there in person. See a sample.
  6. Attach Documents, PDFs, MS Docs, and html docs to any report: Easily attach any type of document to a report and set it to automatically attach in the future if it is a regularly attached document. You can attach as many documents as you need..
  7. Upload Report or send by PDF: Authenticate and manage report delivery or email your report as an attachment.
  8. Auto-Attach Line Drawings and documents to an auto-comment. Set up an auto-comment to automatically include a line drawing or a document when used. This works well to show a diagram and specs of a proper component's condition compared alongside a picture of the home's component, or to include information about a particular brand or component regarding a hazard or potential hazard.
  9. Auto-include comments in the report at start up. Have comments automatically load in your report (great for limitation clauses, check the smoke detector and filter recommendations etc.)
  10. Merge Reports from multiple inspectors into one report: This can be done on different devices such as a mobile phone or Windows computer.
  11. Report Auto Fill: Save time by saving sections of a report (or all sections of a report) that can be applied to future inspections. For example, subdivisions where the exterior is identical or start off with a completed report selecting various report fills based on the type of home and its materials.
  12. Auto-Comments and Smart Sentences: Add or edit auto-comments on the fly. Use standard drop down comments or use smart words that represent multiple replacement text choices for speedy reporting.
  13. Re-Inspection feature: This feature makes re-inspections profitable again. Now you can automatically create a copy of the original report, hide all items but summary items and Pass or Fail the item using your own auto-comment time stamp.
  14. Estimates and Work Scope: From basic estimates displayed at the summary items to a full estimate/quote with multiple project options and work write-ups with estimate totals.
  15. Duplicate Sections of the report: Use this feature while you inspect to duplicate rooms, bathrooms, heat systems, units, or suites.
  16. Quick Click Sections: Finish fast when checking off all the good or inspected items with a quick double click!
  17. Inspector Tips at each item: You can store your own tips at each inspection item for clearances, code/safety related info, etc. that is just for you to see, or use it to train a new inspector.
  18. Sketch Tool: Use the sketch tool for drawing simple sketches or diagrams. Click on the insert picture box at any item to access the sketch tool.
  19. Integrated with ISN: Download ISN appointments directly into HomeGauge Software with your HomeGauge Subscription.
  20. Rapid Fire Picture Review: This feature brings your pictures up in rapid succession to embellish with arrows, text, etc.
  21. Automatic picture placement using HG Companion and an Android or iOS phone or tablet: You can go to the item in the report and take a picture and it will automatically be placed at that item, saving tens of minutes on the report writing time!
  22. Using HG Companion with an Android or iOS Device for mobility! Watch this video on using the HG Companion and see how easy and fast it is to do an inspection report!
  23. HG Cloud: See how using the HG Cloud feature is easy to move reports and templates from one pc to another or from Android to PC and your template and settings too!

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The download is a full version, but only valid for 30 days. While in the trial period, it will also print at the bottom of the report that it was created with a trial version. Once you see how easy it is to use, you can begin changing the report template for your area and inspection style.

HomeGauge runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. The HomeGauge Companion runs on Android and Apple iOS. Note: HomeGauge does not run on Windows RT.

Apple Mac Notes: HomeGauge Home Inspection Software does not run as a native application on Mac OS computers. However we have several users that have reported no issues with using the technology that allows you to use a Mac, but also run Windows applications. You can use Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp.

See what our customers are saying:

The 30 day, unrestricted trial of HomeGauge was pivotal to my choice of HomeGauge as my reporting software. I was able to try out every feature and learn the software before taking it out into the field. I've used other companies "10 day trials" and never had the time to put their software through the paces I needed to in order to make an educated decision. HomeGauge's 30 day trial gave me that time to comfortably switch from my previous software. Thanks HomeGauge! I'm a very happy customer.

Hyde Anderson, Cap City Property Inspections, Columbus, Ohio

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