HomeGauge News Alert April 2013

Video in your report | 2 Day Training

Video in your reports — a step above your competition (because it's cool and they can't do it!)

Remember, better than any other marketing advice — use video clips in your report to gain an edge over your competition! Use video in 3 areas on every report!

Video use #1: Pan the cover page! Take a picture of the front of the home, then turn to video mode and pan slowly (move slowly from left to right for 10 seconds)

Video use #2: Show the customer where their air filter is located and which direction the arrow is pointing on the filter (10 seconds or so)

Video use #3: Show them where their water cut off is located

That's it! 3 easy video clips to make your report stand out over everyone else! Start doing it and your agents will go out of their way to say WOW!........Do it and see!

See a sample report with video!

2 Day Training in Atlantic City April 25th and 26th for only $99

We have 30 inspectors registered so far. It's a small class, which means more attention and help for those attending! Note: If you attend the inspectionconference.com event, our 2 day training is free. We have room for 10 more, so call Shancy at HG today and reserve your seat! 828-254-2030

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