HomeGauge News Alert April 1, 2012

HG Version 5 and HG Companion for Android | New Features | Upgrading | Android Special

HomeGauge Version 5 and the new HG Companion for Android have been released!

A new feature in HomeGauge 5 is upsetting the home inspection industry! With the new Geterdone feature you can now inspect the entire home while never getting out of your truck!

This new feature can save countless hours that ordinary inspectors have to endure. No more dirty coveralls and no tools needed! Just open the HomeGauge Version 5 software (must be within 20 feet of the front door) and select the Geterdone button! That's it! It's that simple. HG Version 5 does the rest! See what a few beta users have already said:

(*requires an Internet connection)

So if you or your grandma wants to inspect homes effortlessly, all you need to do is click on the Geterdone button and sit back and relax. Catch up on that Facebook page you've been neglecting and let HomeGauge Version 5 do all the work! Thanks HomeGauge Version 5!

Note: You may experience different results. The Geterdone button is still in beta and may not appear in the final release of Version 5.

Happy April 1st! A wonderful rebirth has begun!

More Outrageous Claims! Unbelievable Features!

Video in your report! HomeGauge V5 (or should I say HG 5V — "V" is for video) is once again ahead of the competition! Now, using HG Services, you can turn your report into an Inspection Presentation! All others have to produce the same old inspection report.

Check out the New InterNACHI theme | Alternate

Expanding pictures! When your buyer and agent view your Inspection Presentation online they can click to enlarge inspection photos! The wow effect once again helps you to stand out from your local competition.

Also, HG'ers in your area that do NOT use HG Services are unable to give their agents or customers the wow effect of videos and expanding pictures because they use a boring government-looking document writer called PDF. I told you long ago that PDF's suck. Am I right? Those that use HG Services can deliver a powerful Inspection Presentation and their agents and customers can still save it as a PDF.

Easier report navigation! When a table of contents is included with your uploaded html report, a navigation tab will automatically appear, giving your customers and agents an easy way to jump to different sections of the report. It's just another benefit of using online html reports and helps your Inspection Presentation stand apart from all the rest!

Cloud Services free to HG Services subscribers! Instead of using cables or usb drives to swap files around, use the hassle-free way... the HG Services Cloud feature. Move reports from PC to PC. Or move reports from Android to PC or PC to Android. Move templates and settings to all with one click. Inspectors that have someone else complete their reports will love the Cloud feature. It's now included FREE for our HG Services subscribers! The Cloud feature...it just works.

Automatic backup of your settings now hassle free! Your life just got easier. Now, when your computer crashes, or you buy a new one, you can set the other computer up with one click! (logo, template, customers, agents, print settings and more) If you use HG 5 you will be prompted once a month to back up your settings. It takes less than a minute and will easily save you an hour or more! Now that you know, we will expect you to use it. If not, we will send you to the manual steps on our FAQ page. Support for transferring HomeGauge settings to a new computer will be offered in our online documentation and not over the phone. HG Services just keep getting better and better and we have never raised our prices since we started HG 10 years ago. If you are not using HG Services...Why not?

New print looks in HG 5!

HG has always produced the best looking report and now we have touched up all our print formats and styles to keep your report (or Inspection Presentation) the most talked about among agents. HG Version 5 gives you Stand-Out Status!

See our new Sample Report below in a few styles / formats. Many more choices are available in the software.

Modern Green, Narrative 1

Green, Narrative 1

Modern Gradient, Narrative 1

Black, Narrative 2

Blue, Grid 1

Orange, Grid 3

Brown, Grid 3

Patriotic, Narrative 4 (photos at end of each section)

Note: HG Version 5 gives you many customization options to have a report look that is all your own. More info on creating your own look coming soon.

Download HomeGauge 5

Important upgrade info for all HG Software users

If you are not using HG Services: Call in to purchase the upgrade to version 5 ($300) and get HG Services free for a full year!

If you currently use HG Services: Go to your Dashboard and click on the link to get Version 5 and we will send you the license key. Note: HG Services subscribers that have recently subscribed on a monthly plan may not be eligible for the free license without paying for a full year of HG Services.

If you have purchased HG 4 in the last 6 months (after September 29th, 2011) you will get HG Version 5 free. Note: HG Services (optional) still requires a subscription.

HG Android Companion Special

The HG Companion software for Android is only $99 until April 30th, 2012. After that it's $199. Call today at (828) 254-2030 and save HALF ($100) off the price.

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President
(828) 254-2030