HomeGauge News Alert June 9, 2012

Upgrade Special | HG 2 Day Training | TRM

Existing HG users — special offer to upgrade — for version 2, 3, or 4!

Existing users of HomeGauge! This is a special offer to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest! You are our long time, loyal customers, and we want you to upgrade so you can use the best features that HG 5 users enjoy. Years ago, HG users were taking market share away from their local competitors. Now, only days since HG has sold more than 10,000 licenses, many "new HG users" are reaping the benefits and chipping away at the vets of HG that are stuck on version 2, 3 or 4. Many vets are upgrading now, but some of you are saying...I'm afraid, it may be difficult to learn? Truth is, you can click the same buttons in version 5 as you do in the earlier versions. You don't need to use any new features and can still get the benefit of video, better pictures, expanding pictures, better picture tools, speedier reports, and more — and you don't have to learn anything new to get those!

Here is my special offer to get you to say, "Change is good, bring it on."

  1. Upgrade to version 5 for $300 and get HG Services free for a full year! Those already using HG Services get Version 5 at no cost.
  2. Download version 5 here and install it. The download will not interfere with your older version. You can use them both until you are comfortable making the switch.
  3. Call HomeGauge toll free at 828-254-2030 and ask for Tracey or Shancy. Tell them you are ready to schedule your Upgrade One on One to transform from the old dried up version to the new sexy cool Version 5. They will set up a time with you and will do the following:

    1. Bring your old templates into Version 5. Versions 2 and 3 will require them to convert to V5 for you. You can use the same templates you've always used!

    2. Logo, cover pages, and agreements you are currently using will be examined or tweaked to be in optimum format for HomeGauge Version 5.

    3. Help you set up print/upload settings to fit your style, such as create multiple print settings based on your preference (i.e. invoice in the report or separate, pictures in the summary or not, narrative look or grid with many new choices, etc.).

    4. Explain the ease of use on using The Cloud and train you in minutes! No more wires, thumb drives, etc. Send report info to and from the field and office with the cloud!

    5. Setup your online click agreement and demonstrate how easy it is to use. Electronic signatures are captured and stored at your "See All Events" link at each report.

    6. Using our upload service and how to have the buyer come to your website to pick up their report (full setup assistance, so it's automatic). Brand your company name and create loyalty with your agents.

    7. Optional: We will even go over the benefits of using an Android phone or tablet to automatically place the picture with the item, record voice notes, and speed up your report time. Replace your notepad and pen with the HG Companion.

    8. Lastly, answer any questions you have and get you up to speed on the latest and the greatest. Now you can give your agents and buyers the best experience with an Inspection Presentation.

All this is yours free when you upgrade your old version to the new HG Version 5 and emerge as the new you! There never is a good time to change, except right now!

Don't hesitate. You know you need this for your image and to remain strong in your area. Call right now to set up a time with either Tracey or Shancy here at HomeGauge! Tell them you want the Upgrade One on One! Operators are standing by, but if you call after hours (ahem) leave a message. But wait! What's this?..... There's more!

Complete the Upgrade One on One and receive a $99 off coupon for your choice of one of these two great deals:

Deal One: Get in FREE at Russell's 2 Day HomeGauge Upgrade Training this August in Asheville, NC or in Vegas this October at www.inspectionconference.com.

    — or —

Deal Two: Use your $99 coupon toward the
purchase of the HG Companion! (Normally $199)

Call Shancy or Tracey at 828-254-2030 and tell them you are ready for change! Get an Upgrade One on One Session! Note: The Upgrade One on One Sessions are for version 2, 3 or 4 users only. New users are always welcome to call in for individual questions or help.

HG 2 Day Upgrade Training this August in Asheville — Only $99!

Dates: August 2-3, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza, Asheville, NC.

Get 2 days of HomeGauge Training on Version 5 as well as the Android HG Companion. This training is focused on new HG friends as well as old HG friends ready for an upgrade to Version 5. Your spouse is welcome at no extra charge. Please reserve now so we know how big of a room we need. A laptop is not necessary, but strongly recommended. All inspectors welcome — new users too! Call 828-254-2030 and ask for Shancy to reserve your seat now!

Hotel: We have secured a special rate for this hotel, a grand resort in Asheville with many amenities. Ask us for details.

Come to Asheville and enjoy the best craft beers in the US! (Voted #1 by Beer City USA three years in a row.) But if you're not a beer drinker, trhee are sltil mnay thgnis to do hree in Asehlivle, lkie vtisinig the Bilrtome Hsuoe, Atrs and Atnqieus, Geren moatunins, hkinig tirals, zip liens and of cosrue the Pawkray. ^*hiccup*^

TRM? Time Release Messaging? When is it coming?

It's going to be out in just a week, and it's going to be cool. Now you can send email templates (in html too!) based on the uploaded report day. Send them a thank you letter in 2 days. In two months, congratulate them on their home, and remind them that you are available for single component inspections as they make repairs. Six months later, send them another letter regarding seasonal changes and any maintenance advice. Recommend Service Providers in your area, perhaps getting Service Providers to offer them a deal or coupon. Eleven months later, have an email that goes out inviting your customer to enroll in your Annual Inspection Program, where you return to inspect the major areas of the home. These are just a few ideas. Want more? Our studies show that the customer is more likely to see other offers after the anxiety of getting the report has passed. Offer the One Year Home Warranty 5 days after the report is uploaded. Send a TRM asking them for feedback on you and your company!

How much does TRM Cost? It's Free as a part of HG Services! That's right, the same ole $300 a year gets you the Cloud, 5 Year Report Storage, online click agreement, free upgrades, report login on your website, video, expanding pictures...it goes on and on. Now TRM (Time Release Messaging) is being added to HG Services for free. Why pay per report like our competitors charge, when you can get it all with HG Services!

Get it all with a free trial of HG Services


Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President