HomeGauge News Alert March 2012, Part 2

HG Version 5 and HG Companion for Android | Free 2 Day Training

Houston, We Have a Problem!

HomeGauge Version 5 and the HG Companion for Android have been delayed just before launch. It seems that March 17th is our beta release date, rather than our official launch. We expect everyone to get it by April Fools' Day!

Is it worth the wait? Version 5 of HomeGauge is more powerful, with multi-picture drop, expanding text boxes, cloud features, and video! Many new cool features such as expanding pictures, new print looks, and more promise to keep you ahead of the competition. Give your buyers and agents an Inspection Presentation with HG 5 and HG Services, while everyone else gives them a bland report. Once again, HG Services subscribers can leap ahead of the rest.

Not using HG Services? Upgrade to Version 5 for $300 and get HG Services for the next year! HG Services subscribers get HG 5 FREE! Call us at 828-254-2030.

What about the HG Companion on Android?

Oh my... I never thought a small device could be powerful enough to sway me away from a tablet. I have always favored a large screen pen tablet, but the HG Companion is so compact and well organized that I can do anything I need to do with HG on my smart phone. I can carry the phone in my pocket on a roof, in a crawlspace, shoot video, take pictures, leave audio notes at each item, comments, etc. You name it! Why even use a tablet? Android tablets win hands down on battery life. If you go with a smart phone, make sure you order another battery so you can have a spare in your truck.

If you did nothing more on the HG Companion for Android except take pictures and leave audio notes at each item, you could shave 10's of minutes off your reporting time by transferring the report using the HG Cloud with your pictures and video already at each item! Select "find audio" to complete your report and upload your Inspection Presentation!

iPhone and iPad users: If you can save an hour or more a week (or per report) using HG Companion for Android, getting a dedicated Android device for your business will pay for itself.

Pre-purchase HG Companion for Android now until April 30th, 2012 for $99 — save $100! Call 828-254-2030 for details.

Here’s a sneak peek video of the HG Companion for Android

Next week in our News Alert:
Version 5 features!

training Training in Asheville Tops 50 People!

We are surprised at the great show of interest and are about full due to our room size for our Asheville Training on April 5th and 6th. If interested, call us at 828-254-2030 to check availability. Get registered for a free 2 Day Training here in Asheville, NC!

Atlantic City Training Available!

Come to our Training in Atlantic City this April at the most fun-filled Inspection Trade Show in the industry by Kevin O’Malley and Mike Casey! Famous for fun events in Vegas, these two Fabulous Presenters, along with their wonderful staff, are now hosting in Atlantic City! HomeGauge is a premium sponsor and we will be there with the all new HG5 and the HG Companion for Android. After the show, stay for a free 2 day HomeGauge training. Whether you own HG or not, you are welcome! Bring a laptop and charger with you and I will cover beginner to advanced topics. Bring your office person too! Register at their website and call us if you have any questions!

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President