HomeGauge News Alert November 2011

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We slashed our prices for the holidays!

$200 off! Was $845 — now only $645! That's $200 off our main version until the end of the year! Our loss is your gain! Now you can get the best software for nearly the same price as our lower "less featured" competitors!

Want More? Save an additional $198 with Free Templates!

The INACHI Commercial template is now FREE! (was $99) It also includes the INACHI Green template.

The ASTM style template is now FREE! (was $99) It also includes the ADA template. Get them both free by downloading version 4.5 here! (All HG users can now get these templates free.)

HomeGauge 4.5

Get HomeGauge version 4.5 now! This will be the last version before we launch the all time best release of HomeGauge — version 5 due out in January!

Sneak peek of version 5:

Multi-picture drop in. Now you can drag the filmstrip and see many rows of pictures. Multiple select (in order too) and drop them in at once! You can also drop pictures in without editing them.


Finally, the first release of TRM (Time Release Messaging) is coming in December. Many of you pay per report for this feature with other management systems, but with HomeGauge, this will be included in HG Services!

Create html templates of letters or offers and have them emailed to your customer automatically based on the uploaded report date. Three months from now, send them one letter, in 6 months send another, and so on. Some inspectors say they will charge their service providers (i.e. energy auditors, pest control professionals, etc.) to send a promo letter for them to your customers! Look out per report fees, here comes HG Services! TRM will be included in the regular monthly or yearly fee!

HomeGauge website maintenance

The HomeGauge website will be down for a short period of time during the early morning hours of November 27th while we swap out the motor and add fuel injection to our new server! Goodbye slow server times and hello Greased Lightning!

Speaking of suped-up servers and cool cars...

HomeGauge wants to recognize one of our long time users Robert Newland of Tyrone, Georgia for his "tricked out" car and the proudly displayed HomeGauge Services logo!


Not using HG Services? Why not? HG Services does more for your company without a per report fee! Just $300 a year and it includes upgrades! Learn more here!

In our next issue

HomeGauge Droid coming soon!..... HomeGauge Training dates coming soon! ..... The HomeGauge Network redesigned for you to make money! A special offer from an E&O provider that gives you the best discount because you use HomeGauge Software!

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President