HomeGauge News Alert November 2012

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Shout it out to your agents!

Look at me! See what I can do! Mine's bigger! Mine is better! I make you look good! Let your agent — and ALL agents in your area — know that you can do something your competitors can't... More powerful than any marketing campaign, let them know you are able to give unprecedented value with sharp presentation of your reports that the other guys just can't do.

Did you know that currently your competitors using other inspection software cannot do what HomeGauge can? I say currently, because right now all your competitors (and mine too) output to a PDF. And, as you know, PDF's SUCK the big toe! PDF's have always sucked as a presentation tool. It's a good format for what it is designed for — making a common viewing format from different file types. However, PDF's are not good for a great presentation. HomeGauge outputs its report to html, which is the language of websites. This means your report is a web page. Because it is a web page, you can have video in your report. Clicking on pictures will make them zoom and expand. You can also have a Contents Tab that stays visible, but is out of the way when scrolling, giving your agents and customers easy access to the main sections of the report. Still, we know some buyers or agents will want to save a pdf copy of the report after they viewed their awesome inspection presentation, and with a click on the website, they can save a pdf copy. HomeGauge gives you both.

What should you do right now to touch more agents with more of an impact than any other marketing campaign?

  1. Create a sample report that includes videos.
  2. Create an impact letter and email agents with the link to your Inspection Presentation.
  3. Get Personable! Call 50 agents and say hi and let them know that some exciting features have been added to your report and you want them to see a sample!
  4. Add at the bottom of your email signature a link to your "Sample Inspection with Video".
SHOUT IT NOW AS LOUD AS YOU CAN (just like I am) because it's only a matter of time before your competition (and mine) can do it too. They just needed a leader to follow. So, lead in your town and get a jump on your competition.

Watch How to Inspect on site using the HG Companion and add video to your report!

Call us right now at 828-254-2030 and ask us how to put video in your report!


If you are not currently using HG Services, you can get an upgrade to Version 5 and get HG Services included for a full year for only $300.00!

Bonus for a limited time:
  1. We will convert your agreement, logo, print settings, and templates with your auto comment library to version 5 FOR FREE!
  2. This includes a 1 hour one-on-one session over the phone. Using remote view on your computer screen, we will walk you through Version 5. You will not lose your older version and can switch at any time when you are comfortable.
Most users switch immediately because HG 5 is easier to use and is better than the old crusty versions.

Limited time: Call us and get an appointment for your FREE ONE HOUR ONE-ON-ONE SESSION!

Last thought: Change is inevitable. If HomeGauge was still selling version 2 and never changed, we would be dead. Instead, we are the leader and have always been the leader. You need to change too! Inspectors are using Version 5 with video and you are still in version 2, 3, or 4? C'mon guys, you have been the catalyst for me all these years. You keep telling new guys how much you love HG. They buy the new, you keep the old. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Change with me! I owe my old timers more than anyone and I'd hate to see you overrun by a young buck using Version 5. Make that change now and call to get an appointment. 828-254-2030........Just tell us you want to upgrade and get the one-on-one session!

Social Networking

Here is how you can get your website link in front of 100-300 contacts per inspection! All you need is a website. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+ in order to get these great leads for free.


TRM (Time Release Messaging) lets you create marketing email templates that you set to go out to your customers and agents automatically! TRM is free as part of HG Services! Why pay per report when you can get it included free?

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President