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A plan to help your website gain visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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HomeGauge's SEO Builder is a program uniquely designed for home inspectors

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Builder: $199/month for 6 months minimum, includes Managed Hosting (see hosting options)

The purpose of this program is to help your website gain visibility through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Over the first 3 months, we'll use technical front and back-end optimization strategies to build the foundation for your SEO. Beginning in month 4, we'll focus on creating fresh content for your site by posting 1 custom blog per month and sharing your blog on your Facebook business page. We will set up and style your website's blog page, and brand your Facebook business page to match your website in this phase of the program.

We'll continue writing blogs and managing your website for you each month after the initial 6 month period unless you choose to opt out of the program. One of the best ways to build your online presence is by publishing fresh content to your website, and then sharing the content on social media. A pattern of doing so encourages search engines to revisit your site more often which can boost SEO and generate more traffic.

Google wants to see that your site is alive and dynamic rather than stale and static. Most people mistakenly believe once they've launched a website that they're good to go and their business will grow with little further attention online. Regular updates encourage the search engines to more frequently crawl your site and can positively impact your rankings over time, helping you move your site higher in the search results. When your site's higher in the search results, that means more hits (and ideally, more business). We recommend continuing our SEO Builder long-term. Here's a sample of a few of the SEO strategies we'll put to work for you, your website, and your business:

  • Connecting your site to social media networks, such as Facebook, Google Business, and LinkedIn
  • Taking full advantage of Google's indexing power by helping you verify your business on Google Business, optimizing your website for Google Search, and positioning you to begin building reviews on Google
  • Incorporating analytics and optimization apps into your website, so we can track your site's traffic and further improve the search engine optimization
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices, which is essential for search engine rankings and online visibility
  • Applying our industry-specific, personalized keyword strategy to all aspects of your website — customizing your site for your service area and specialties

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Wow! This website looks amazing you guys did a fabulous job and I am sooooooo thoroughly impressed. I especially can't wait to get it live on my domain. Again I just can't say enough about how incredibly awesome it looks! Thank you so much!

Gloucester Home Inspections — Gloucester, VA

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