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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call PIECE BY PEACE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 678-432-7173 Mobile Phone: 678-878-6714 Fax Number: 678-432-3652


We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in MCDDONOUGH and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mr. Peace was able to see us on the weekend & get the report done the same day, which is great! He was professional & straight to the point. He took his time & looked over every detail of the house. And answered all of my questions accurately & professionally. Thank you & I would surely recommend him to anyone I know.
- S.T., July 2020
Darryl came out and showed me everything during his inspection, he also answer more questions than the ones I had and provided great insight on the Property. I will highly recommend him for the job. 10/10! Darryl Vino y me enseño todo durante su visita durante su inspection, tambien repondio mas preguntas de las que tenia. Y me enseño una gran vision de esta propiedad. Yo realmente lo recomendaria.
- A.B., June 2020
Darryl is awesome!!! Very professional and extremely thorough!!!!! Be sure to contact Darryl Peace for your home inspection needs!!!
- C.G., June 2020
Mr. Peace was extremely knowledgeable and down to earth. As he inspected the home, he explained his findings in a clear way so that us new homebuyers could easily understand. His professionalism is outstanding. I will definitely refer Darryl to anyone in need of an inspection.
- S.S., June 2020
Mr Darryl was very professional, thorough and straight forward. EXACTLY what you want in a home inspector!
- J.M., June 2020
Honest and straightforward, very Professional, great personality would highly recommend Mr Darryl to my friends.
- K.A., February 2020
Darryl was very professional and through! I appreciate all the advice and knowledge shared. I will recommend his service to everyone I know purchasing an home. Ced Shep
- C.S., November 2019
Mr. Peace is thorough and knowledgeable. I have and will continue to refer him to anyone purchasing property who is looking to make a sound decision and have "peace of mind". Thanks
- E.E., September 2019
Mr. Darryl, was very good, job well done
- D.H., September 2019
He was kind, very detailed and was great at communicating the items he found with us in an easy to understand terms.
- J.A., August 2019
Very efficient. His professionalism in dealing with homeowners is remarkable. Very professional. Very thorough. Also, thank you for serving our country.
- T.P., August 2019
Mr. Darryl is a pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions and provided very helpful explanations regarding necessary repairs or installations required during my home inspection. His service is reasonably priced and he is the ultimate professional. I would be glad to refer him to anyone in need of property inspections!
- S.C., July 2019
Darryl is professional and thorough. I appreciate his energy and commitment to ensuring I knew what I was purchasing. He provided me his honest opinion about the property and I appreciated that. I went ahead and added the radon testing provided. I?m glad I decided to test for radon. You can?t go wrong with Darryl.
- A.M., July 2019
Very Professional and Knowledgeable about his craft. Mr. Peace was very thorough and efficient about his work. He not only ensured that the home was sound and equable piece of property, he also pointed out things that would be a security issued if left unaddressed. Excellent Professional well worth the value.
- S.R., July 2019
Mr. Peace was very professional, knowledgeable and flexible with scheduled request. His expertise of home inspecting was greatly appreciated. I would definitely feel comfortable using his services again and referring others to him! Thanks, ~Salina
- S.J., July 2019
Mr. Peace is very knowledgeable and professional.
- E.E., July 2019
Alsome service. This guy is a house Doctor, he can tell you what's wrong to get your house in tip top shape.
- p.W., July 2019
Great personality!!! Keep up the good work!!!
- K.A., July 2019
Straight forward and thorough inspection of property. Also knowledgable and a delight to work with.
- B.R., June 2019
Darry Peace was professional, thorough, and conscientious. I will use his services again.
- G.R., June 2019
Mr. piece didn?t excellent job he arrived on time courteous to the client and myself very appreciative Mr. peace all his service
- B.l., June 2019
I would definitely recommend Darryl Peace for an inspection. I was in a bind and needed an inspector to come to the property ASAP. Not only did Darryl come out right away, I ALREADY have my report. Complete business transaction time from the first call to my report...1. Within one business day, I scheduled my inspection, obtained my report and left a great review for a new friend. Not only was Darryl quick and efficient, but he was VERY THOROUGH. I have complete faith that Darryl adhered to all standards, code of ethics, state laws, fed laws, etc. throughout the entire walkthrough. It was a pleasure to meet Darryl. Really, what more could you ask for when need the cold hard truth about a piece of property. Piece by Peace...
- R.H., June 2019
What?s there not to like. Darryl was on time, well versed, and sharp. He saw key issues with our property that both city officials and contractors missed. I?m sure he saved us thousands and a ton of headache. We highly recommend this real estate professional... The Heaggans
- R.H., June 2019
2nd time using Mr. Peace. Very professional guy. Answered all my questions. Very thorough and honest. Thx again Mr. Peace.
- L.I., June 2019
He was absolutely amazing. He was awesome and he helped me out tremendously. Got me my report in a few hours and pointed out so many issues that I missed with the walk through. Saved me from that house. He is a blessing. Will be using his services again
- C.C., June 2019
Very thorough and professional. We were able to rely on the results of the inspection.
- E.T., June 2019
Mr. Peace did an exceptional job during my inspection. He noticed some key issues with the house that allowed me to gain a better understanding of my purchase. He also walked me through, step by step what the issues with the house were, how important they were, and what the impact on the home would be if left unresolved. I am very happy with my experience. I would strongly recommend DARRYL PEACE to others who are looking for a thorough and complete home inspection.
- J.T., May 2019
Very detailed and organized and knows what he is doing..I would suggested him to anybody.
- T.K., May 2019
I have been in the inspection field for a few years now and Mr. Peace is a top-notch seasoned professional. He is extremely thorough and did not miss a beat. I would recommend his services to any and everybody.
- B.H., May 2019
Darryl was very thorough in his inspection. A man of integrity & morals. Mr. Peace was outstanding & did amazing work inspecting my home. He knew what he was doing & explained every thing step by step for me. I will use him in the future if need be & will be passing him along to my friends & family that will be buying in the future.
- D.S., May 2019
Mr Peace was very professional, knowledgeable and fun!! Thank you so much for your help!
- D.S., May 2019
Thanks for a Great job, I would definitely recommend you to some of my closet friends.
- C.R., May 2019
Darryl is heaven sent!!!! He is SUPER professional and quick!!! I will always use him because he actually took time out of his Saturday to educate me on the importance and details of a home inspection! I will recommend him 1000% to every homebuyer or home renter I know! Everyone, just use Darryl... period!
- C.R., May 2019
Farryl Peace is a true down to earth person who made this very first house inspection a pleasant and enjoyable experience. This is our first house and to have such a motivated, inspirational, understanding person like Darryl doing the walk through, it was well worth it. I see why my realator refered him. He is great.
- E.H., April 2019
I have relied on the expertise and integrity of Darryl Peace for over a decade. He always punctual and professional. Darryl should be your first choice when in need of an inspection or appraisal.
- C.C., March 2019
I would most definitely use Darryl and refer him to friends. Thank you Darryl for coming in getting straight to the point and being so very detailed about the property and for going over everything with us. Great Hospitality!!!
- D.K., October 2018
Mr. Darryl, You were VERY thorough in your inspection and let nothing go unnoticed. You were on time and walked me through every step of the process. Additionally, you were patient with me and answered all of my questions, and I know I asked a lot! LOL. All in all, you did an outstanding job and I will be recommending you to everyone and, hopefully, can request your services again in the future, as well. Thanks again!
- M.R., September 2018
If I could give Mr. Peace a rating of 20 I would!!! These are some of the reasons why: 1. He was more than accommodating even though I contacted him at the last minute. 2. He was professional and knowledgeable, definitely an expert in his field. 3. Patient with all my questions and providing explanations for a (1st X home buyer). 4. Educated myself & my real estate agent (My realtor has committed to use his services he was so impressed). 5. Passionate about providing excellent service to others (that you can't put a price on). 6. The rates he charge are more than reasonable. I could go on and on about Piece by Peace but the one bad thing is that there is only one Mr. Peace and I wish I could refer him to my family & friends who I know will be purchasing soon in Florida, Nevada, Tennessee and Illinois! Thank you for taking some of the stress out of this process for me Mr. Peace. I can't thank you enough🙏🏽
- G.R., September 2018
Thank you Mr. Peace for a very thorough, on time and professional inspection. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
- P.L., August 2018
Professional & thorough!! I would highly recommend Mr. Darryl Peace as a home inspector. Thank you for the prompt service call.
- R.L., August 2018
Service with a smile, or two. Very thorough.
- M.H., July 2018
This was my first time ever needing a inspection on a home for myself, and I was unsure of whom to contact. I received a list of inspector from my realtor with so many names that It was hard to decide, but I am so grateful that I chose Mr. Darryl Peace, he was very knowable and very professional. It is important that people do what they say, he had given a time and arrived before that time so I was extremely satisfied. I would tell anyone that i know or come in contact with that would need a home inspection to contact him.
- A.K., June 2018
Darryl was extremely professional and thorough. We highly recommend using him for your home inspection. He checks everything and knows what he is looking for.
- J.H., June 2018
I will recommend Darryl Peace 100%! The short while I was there he pointed out a few things and answered any questions I had. He knows exactly what to look for and honest.. Although I couldn't stay he made me feel comfortable in knowing everything was under control and once I got my results back and pictures of everything, all I could say is WOW! Great job and thanks for your professionalism!!
- M.N., May 2018
Mr. Darryl Peace was an excellent inspector and as a first time home buyer made the process very easy. He was professional, knowledgeable, and provided an excellent report of my home that really reassured me that I was making a great purchase. I would recommend Mr. Peace to anyone looking for a qualified and certified inspector during their home buying and selling process.
- J.M., March 2018
He was timely, courteous and professional. He explained what he had done, reviewed my report before submitting this email. I greatly appreciate Piece by Peace Inspections assisting us with our new home. I will refer them to all my family and friends. May God continue to bless your business!!! Thank you
- C.R., March 2018
Great inspection. Very informative and thorough. Professional and knowledgeable inspection of home. Thank you.
- A.B., February 2018
Great inspection. Very informative and thorough. Professional and knowledgeable inspection of home. Thank you.
- A.B., February 2018
Very knowledgeable and professional
- d.M., January 2018
You made a stressful situation less so.
- G.h., January 2018
great job!!!!!!!!!!
- L.S., January 2018
Darryl, was extremely knowledgeable and thorough.
- E.A., December 2017
Great reporting. A real professional.
- T.R., November 2017
Darryl is awesome! He was able to complete my inspection next day. The inspection was very detailed.
- R.H., September 2017
Thank you Darryl Peace I appreciate your service . Reliable I already gave coworker your business card.That,s how much i appreciate your company Keep up Excellent work J.H 9/18/2017
- J.h., September 2017
I already have & would totally recommend or use him again. He's a great inspector, with an ironically apropos name. Because that's absolutely what he gives the prospective home owner...Peace!
- , September 2017
I'm so glad I chose Darryl Peace of Piece by Peace to do my home inspection. He is professional, honest, reasonable, and knowledgeable. His expertise was especially helpful to me as a single female and first-time home buyer. I appreciate the time he took to explain his processes and inform me of things I should know about my new home. I would definitely recommend him to others!
- L.G., August 2017
This was the absolute best service I have gotten for my money! Your are very thorough and wise. Thanks for the great wisdom you poured in me. I will definitely recommend you to others.
- J.B., July 2017
Always the best...listen to everything he says, it will benefit you at the end..
- M.M., June 2017
Thanks for the inspection and wisdom on everything Darryl!!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING INSPECTOR!!!! Thanks for seeing things that I would of never seen in this house. We feel definitely confident in going further in purchasing our new home. Thanks for everything!!!
- D.D., May 2017
Thanks for the inspection and wisdom on everything Darryl!!! YOU ARE AN AMAZING INSPECTOR!!!! Thanks for seeing things that I would of never seen in this house. We feel definitely confident in going further in purchasing our new home. Thanks for everything!!!
- , May 2017
Thank you Darryl for your professionalism when inspecting our home and your friendliness when your work was done. Janet Brann
- J.B., May 2017
We just have to say that having Darryl Peace inspecting homes for us has made our homebuying process a lot easier. His shear expertise & desire to get things right, gives prospective homebuyers (pardon-the-pun) the Peace of mind necessary in helping us to make the right fiscal decision for our family. We would recommend him to all who need someone of integrity, knowledge & most importantly quality.
- W.S., Conyers GA, May 2017
Very professional. He spotted some costly issues and suggested what it would take to do the repairs.
- T.W., May 2017
Me.Peace is very professional and I would recommend him to anyone who really wants an honest inspector!
- M.B., April 2017
Darryl was very professional, thorough, and made sure I understood everything found in the inspection.
- A.S., April 2017
Mr. Darrell was professional and everything that he did he went through the house from top to bottom and showed me all of the floors and the first inspection and in the second inspection notified me and also advised me gave me good advice and I appreciate him and will always use him again in any point in my life and also refer him thank you so much mr. P's
- M.M., April 2017
Darryl is an awesome, thorough, knowledgeable and professional inspector who truly cares about making sure the buyer is making the best decision when purchasing a house. I shadowed him and he didn't miss a single detail. He did two inspections for me and I highly recommend him for you!
- C.C., March 2017
- L.T., January 2017
Mr. Peace is very professional. He let me join him during the inspection. He explained step by step what he was looking for. He also explained what each finding meant in terms of work and cost. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. I contacted him several times before the initial inspection and each time he was willing to answer my questions. I recommend using Mr. Peace for your home inspection, you will get great service and an on site inspection report.
- S.K., December 2016
Darryl Peace is very honest,and get the job done,My agent Paulette Alves, said he's too picky,Basically she wanted him to pass the inspection on a home that needed a lot of work,and he found a lot of things wrong with the property,and saved us from having to spend out a lot of money...Thanks Mr.Peace for a job well done
- C.B., October 2016
Darryl, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you. VERY PROFESSIONAL, but very informational and inviting!!! You are EXCELLENT at what you do, and I'll be recommending others to you real soon! Thanks Elmus High
- E.H., Douglasville GA, September 2016
You were great and I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs an inspection!!! Thanks for being honest!!!
- S.L., April 2016
Mr. Peace is very thorough and professional. First impression was of a family member who cares about people and love his job. Thanks for helping to make our home buying a peaceful decision.
- J.R., February 2016
Was great would definitely recommend to all my friends and family. Look forward to working with him on future homes!
- R.s., June 2015
The price of the inspection is great and the detail picture description is very easy to read and to understand. I love the same day printout and the e-mail of the home inspection report as well. I will referral him to my friends and family because of the awesome service received.
- N.D., November 2014
Darryl did a great job. I really appreciate that he came out on short notice and appeared to really care about my first home-buying experience. He's knowledgeable, talked with my agent; he's friendly, talked with my mother; and he's given me a few tools to potentially help in negotiations for the house. Don't hesitate to contact Darryl if you need a home inspection!
- R.W., November 2014
Darryl Peace is an excellent inspector. He is very professional and is very knowledgeable about his craft. He also explains what he is doing and why, as he does it. Great guy and I highly recommend his as a home inspector.
- D.W., July 2014
I really liked how thorough Mr.Peace was from the very start of the inspection. He spoke freely of what he was looking at and his opinions about the damage. I over all liked his service and told him I would recommend him to anyone.
- K.A., June 2014
He's thorough and provides great clarity in understanding any issues with a home in the home buying process.
- D.W., May 2014
Mr. Peace, Thank you for doing an EXCELLENT inspection on my home today. You answered all questions promptly with detailed expertise and honesty. I am now confident that I have made a very good purchase!
- J.S., May 2014
Mr. Peace communicates and carries on about his work in a swift and proffessional way.
- A.T., May 2014
You cannot find a better professional inspector than Darryl Peace. It was a wise and well spent investment to have him check out our future home. I will recommend him to my daughter before she purchase her house in the near future.
- C.D., April 2014
Great guy, explains everything to the client, and ultimately looks out for the client. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!!
- E.G., March 2014
The best
- S.J., March 2014
Mr. Peace provided professional service and was knowledgeable in answering our questions. We highly recommend him to provide home inspection services to those in need.
- E.T., January 2014
Performed a great inspection job on condo unit.
- T.B., October 2013
He is a awesome Home inspector and Very professional. On time and does a excellent job. He really knows his stuff!!!!!
- C.R., August 2013
Thanks for your quick and efficient work.
- Z.C., July 2013
Very professional
- Y.D., June 2013
Great inspector..loves his work, knows his stuff!!
- T.R., May 2013
Mr. Peace was very informative through out the inspection and knowledgeable about any concerns that arose during the inspection.
- S.B., April 2013
Darryl: Thank you so much for your expertise! And thank you for going to bat for first-time home buyers. Your inspection was thorough and your dedication to your job is admirable. I will recommend you to anyone looking for an inspector.
- W.S., March 2013
Darryl Peace peformed a great inspection.He was not only knowledgeable but very insightful. I left the inspection feeling very satisfied with the service.
- S.A., December 2012
You were very thorough. I appreciated your honesty. I will definitely use you again when I find another house.
- S.R., November 2012
I would definitely recommend Darryl to anyone. He takes his time and lets you know exactly what's going on so you feel included in the work he's doing. Great customer service!!! Job well done
- T.L., October 2012
Respectable, honest, and dead serious about what he does all with having great knowledge of home inspsections.
- M.W., September 2012
Thank you for being thorough in the inspection of this property. I appreciate your professionalism as well.
- T.W., August 2012
Mr. Peace: Your home inspection was insightful and thorough. I appreciate the time you took to explain what repairs needed to be done in order for me to make a sound decision as to the purchase of this home. Thank you for all your assistance. It's greatly appreciated. Kristen Collins
- K.C., August 2012
Hi Darryl, I really appreciate you! You are professional, and you relay information in terms that lay people like me can understand. You give great advice and have prevented me from making two costly mistakes. Thanks a million! Rachel Patterson
- R.P., June 2012