HomeGauge News Alert December 2012

HomeGauge Adds More Office Features

HomeGauge adds more office features!

Starting right now you can:

Customize your report notification emails for customers and agents! You can also create custom template letters for 3rd Party, Radon Tests, Agreements, and Payment Messages. Included in this update is the ability to have multiple templates saved for each type, giving you even greater flexibility. HomeGauge gives you more choices for how you communicate with your customers and agents!

All emails are now in html! What this means is your emails can have your logo, picture, different colors, and more! Create backgrounds, add images, and use your imagination! Use the power of html to create any letter you want, the way you want!

Note: If you have edited the email notification in the past with your website as the link (or made any changes to the default email notification) then it will remain the same until you select the "Load Default" button or make any other edits. Or, if you create a new email message first, it will save your old email letter and it will show the new html defaults.
Important: There's a new email template just for Reps. If you previously had a custom email template setup, it will not be applied to Reps, so you may want to copy from your Customer email, or make any other changes you need.

Have the upload send your email notifications automatically! Some of you that want the upload process to automatically send the email with default permissions assigned can now do so.

Note: This feature is not generally recommended. It can cause issues if viewing permissions frequently change, or if there are any errors in the upload. It doesn't give you a chance to check your work. Also, if you set your TRM (Time Release Messaging) at each upload for each customer, then "auto sending your email at upload" will not bring you to set TRM events automatically — they will have to be set separately.

Automatic email notices! Now you can get an email each time one of these events occur:
  1. When a report is viewed the first time by a user
  2. When a 3rd party views a report
  3. When an agreement is agreed to
  4. If a report is forwarded and when that person views it

Dynamic tracking of the report has always been there and stored at "See All Events" beside each document. Now you can get email notices as these occur! Click here to sign in and set your options!

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President