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Celebration Time — The Public Appointment Request Feature Has Arrived!

Now you can give your customers and agents the power to request an appointment right from your own website!

Many of you have been waiting for this feature and now you can put it on your website today! Watch the video demo below to see how it works.

Appointment Request Video Demo

This feature gives your buyers and agents the ability to request an inspection online — on your website — by entering the information and picking a preferred date and time. You will get a text message when an appointment is requested and you can call them back right away and fit them in based on the location of the inspection and when you will be on that side of town. This method is preferred by many over the ability to schedule the actual time slot for several reasons. By allowing the agent and customer to fill out the info and choose what they feel is their preferred time, it keeps them on the hook until you call them back, allowing you to try to place them into the best time slot based on your schedule, increasing your productivity and efficiency. Compare this to when the customer or agent tries to schedule an appointment and doesn't see what they think is the time they want (if you have an inspection already scheduled), and they leave your website for their 2nd favorite inspector. This new feature allows them to book an appointment online, and as long as you call them back in a reasonable time, they will be waiting for your call instead of choosing another inspector.

In summary, it's about customer service and automation.

With HomeGauge's Appointment Request Feature, you can:
  • Have the customer or agent go to your website and request an appointment.
  • Confirm and move their inspection info into the best time slot on your calendar automatically.
  • Set up the online agreements for the inspection automatically.
  • Download the online appointment info directly into your software automatically.
  • Perform the inspection and upload it for delivery with electronic agreements and online payments.

It's all here and it doesn't cost you a hundred bucks a month. No per report fees with HomeGauge! You get it all included in the price of HG Services!

What's next with HomeGauge Services?

Coming soon to a HomeGauge near you: Business Insights. These will be business reports that will help you know what's going on in your business.

Asheville HomeGauge Training
November Training Class In Asheville Announced

If you missed out on our last class, don't wait to sign up for our next one scheduled for November 9-11, 2016. We encourage you to attend this great 3-day HomeGauge training class to learn how to cut down on your report writing time and explore all the features of HomeGauge 5.2!

Call and reserve your seat today. Cost for the class is $300 for the first attendee, $200 for each additional (multi-inspector firms only) and lunch is included. Call to reserve your spot today before it is too late — (828) 254-2030.

More Information

SEO Primer
Our SEO Primer Is Now Available To Any Of Our WordPress Website Customers!

Lisa at HomeGauge has 4 spots left for her next 6 month Search Engine Optimization Primer that starts on October 15th! Only 15 spots a month are available and this program has been completely booked by HomeGauge users since January — 8 months in a row! We previously limited this to a small number of our hosting customers, but now any current customer can sign up!

The cost for the 6 month SEO Primer is $149 a month — that includes your hosting fee, so if you pay $49 a month now you only pay an additional $100 a month. After the 6 months is up you will automatically be placed back in normal hosting either as DIY Hosting ($25 a month) or Managed Hosting ($49 a month).

Call us today at (828) 254-2030 and get your site optimized!
Tell us you want in on our October SEO Primer group!

The SEO Primer includes:

  • Incorporating analytics and optimization apps into your website in order to track your site's traffic and tweak its performance.
  • Taking full advantage of Google's indexing power by verifying your business on Google+, setting you up to receive Google Reviews, getting your website on Google Maps, and configuring your settings to comply with Google's strict business listing requirements.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices, site speed, and load time — essential for search engine rankings and online visibility.
  • Converting your site to https (secure/encrypted, free ssl certificates provided).
  • Modifying your website for responsive layout requirements if needed.
  • Applying our industry-specific, personalized keyword strategy to all aspects of your website — customizing your website for your service area and specialties.
  • Incorporating an array of Top Secret HomeGauge SEO Strategies™.

After 6 months, Lisa will drill down into your Google Analytics data to pinpoint the location and behavior of your site visitors. She'll compile a custom report of your results for the past 6 months so you can examine your website traffic. You'll receive a follow-up SEO report that shows you exactly how your site's visibility and performance has improved as a result.

Call us today at (828) 254-2030 to sign up before our October program fills up!

Collapsible Report View
New Collapsible Report View

You have asked and we have delivered! There's a new feature on the report listing page on your HomeGauge.com Dashboard. On the right side you will find a link to collapse your report list. In the collapsed view you can expand an individual address to see all the documents inside. While collapsed, you can click on the Expand link to return to the full view at any time.

Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President