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Agents love CRL

Agents Love CRL™

Agents love our CRL™ feature (Create Request List) — and we just made it better. Now buyers and agents can create multiple CRLs from the same inspection report! This enables the buyer to generate a CRL™ for different projects or get quotes from different tradespeople. For example, they could create a CRL™ for a plumber or a contractor. Or, if the buyer created a CRL™ before the agent could help, the agent can leave that one and start a new one together with their buyer. Our CRL™ feature keeps getting better and saves agents time! Inspectors are switching from other software just to use the real CRL™ created by HomeGauge.

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New Referral Offer

A HomeGauge offer to remember

Spring means it's time to try something new! And we want you! ...To join HomeGauge that is. For the months of March and April we are offering our current users a $250 referral fee if they recommend HomeGauge to a new inspector who signs up and prepays for a 6 month HomeGauge Subscription!*

To make it even better, the new user will get an additional 6 Months Subscription Free! This means a new subscription user will only pay $354 for the entire first year! That's a $354 savings!

To take advantage of this offer, please call in at (828) 254-2030 so we can verify the order information and make sure we can send out a check to the referring inspector.

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*Offer only applies for new inspector accounts. Cannot be applied toward multi-inspector firms.

Beta testers needed

Beta testers wanted for public appointment scheduling!

We are about to announce part one of two releases coming this Spring! First, we are going to release public scheduling of exact time slots for single inspector firms. On release, your customers and agents can book an exact time slot. Soon after — and I mean in 4-6 weeks from now — multi-inspector firms will also be able to allow their buyers and agents to book exact time slots!

A call for beta testers

We need beta testers now! I would offer a discount on your per appointment fees for being a beta tester, except we don't have any per appointment fees! You get to use the Appointment Manager for you and your whole team at no extra charge, as it's a standard part of the HG Services' flat monthly fee! Save hundreds a month in per appointment fees and start using CRL™ today by uploading your reports to HomeGauge in html. Get expanding pictures, video in the report, and soon 360 degree pictures! These are great benefits that your customer can't get with a boring PDF.

To get on our beta list, email us and say whether you are a single or multi-inspector firm. Send an email to beta@homegauge.com.

Note: Our online Appointment Manager is already closing the gap on what many pay hundreds a month for: automatic email notifications to all parties, business stats to compare sales and services by inspector, integrated live updates with Google Calendar, online click agreements, force payments before viewing the report, color-coded inspector map, and so much more.

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HomeGauge Webinars

Free webinar series

Our popular free webinar series is continuing on with two more webinars in March. On March 20, 2018 we'll have the webinar Report Writing Speed Tips for HomeGauge, and on March 27, 2018 we'll have the webinar Basics of Using HomeGauge Software. We hope you can attend!

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Come see HomeGauge staff in person!

Upcoming Home Inspection Conferences

We hope to see you in person at one of these upcoming conferences!

FABI Spring Conference
March 17-18, 2018
Conference Details

April 20-22, 2018
Conference Details

CREIA 2018 Annual Conference
April 25-29, 2018
Conference Details

Pro Inspectors 2018
April 29 - May 1, 2018
Conference Details

FABI Summer Conference
June 9-10, 2018
Conference Details

Spring Cleaning at HomeGauge

Spring is almost here...

...and that means it's time for spring cleaning at HomeGauge!

HomeGauge is making plans to move our web servers over to Amazon Web Services. This is going to help streamline our development of online features while improving overall performance and reliability. One important thing to mention is it will improve the security of your reports and information. You have seen secure sites before, such as your online bank (they use HTTPS). While HomeGauge already supports secure connections like this, we're going to improve this feature by requiring secure connections all the time. HG treats your reports and information seriously and we want it as secure as possible. We will be making the switch at the end of April or early May — we will announce a specific date once we have it finalized. We plan on making the switch in the very early morning (probably on a Sunday) and expect only a brief period of downtime.

Notice for HomeGauge 2 and 3 users

An important notice for HomeGauge 2 and HomeGauge 3 users

Attention HomeGauge Version 2 and Version 3 users who upload your reports to HG Services!

When we make the change at the end of April or early May to AWS (Amazon Web Services), you will no longer be able to use HomeGauge Version 2 or 3 to upload your reports. We wish you could, but those old versions will not work in the new enforced secure environment. Versions 4 and 5, as well as the HG Companion will continue to work. HG Services are going to all be https (the s in https means secure). The good news, though, is if you are using HG Services you will not have to pay for an upgrade because all software upgrades are free when you use HG Services. This gives you time to start using version 5 before we switch. Go to your HomeGauge Dashboard and look for the Install HG 5 link on the bottom of the menu. HomeGauge 5 will install in a separate location than your previous version, so you can run them both at the same time while you get used to version 5. Call us at (828) 254-2030 if you need any help in upgrading.

Updated forms for Florida

Updated forms for Florida!

For those inspectors who've been looking for the updated Florida forms, wait no longer! Here they are for you to download and start using today.

Citizens 4-Point 2018

Citizens 4-Point 2018 Extended Versions *Only use this version if you have trouble using the regular version.

Citizens Roof Certification 2018

Special Referral Program

Don't forget to take advantage of our special referral program!

This offer is only available during March and April of 2018. Click on the link below to view the details.

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Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President
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